Our Mission

We touch and save lives every day by helping Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital deliver superior healthcare through outreach programs, education, state-of-the-art technology and facilities by means of philanthropy and volunteerism.

Our Vision

Effectively serve as a bridge between our hospital and community, we create an environment in which philanthropy flourishes for healthcare needs ensuring exceptional services and programs are available throughout the community and at Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital today and for future generations.

Our Values

To ensure Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital excels as the leading health care provider in our community, Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital Foundation Board of Directors and staff will cultivate positive relationships to ensure the following comments:

TO OUR COMMUNITY: We will encourage your participation to raise funds and to support a healthcare environment that meets the needs and expectations of our community.

TO OUR HOSPITAL: We will devote our time and best efforts to provide the resources needed so you can care for our community with dignity, respect, empathy and compassion.

TO OUR DONORS: We will provide clear statements of the Hospital's vision and goals, be accountable to your trust in and expectations of the Foundation, and give clear recognition of your support.

TO OUR VOLUNTEERS: We are honored by the generous participation of our volunteers who through their time, talent, leadership, committment and passion enable us to better serve the healthcare needs of our community.

OUR PROMISE: We will be committed to the overall improvement of health in our community and will work in the most effective way to exemplify accountability, trustworthiness and integrity.