Falls Prevention Coalition
of Nevada County

We work to reduce falls in Nevada County

We are a 30 member group of seniors and professionals who work with seniors and nurses, physical and occupational therapists, senior exercise specialists, health educators and independent living and rehabilitation/long-term care specialists. We came together in 2006 because of our shared concern: The high rate of falls in Nevada County.

Our Vision

To create a community that empowers seniors and people with disabilities to reduce their risk of falling, thereby enhancing their quality of life and maintaining their independence.

Our Mission

To reduce the risk of falls through education, training and implementation of best practice interventions for falls prevention.

Why We Care 

The number of falls in Nevada County is alarming. Falls are the number one reason seniors go to the emergency department and are hospitalized because of an injury. here's what happened in Nevada County in just one year (2014 data):

  • Over 1,000 seniors went to the ED due to a fall. Another 513 people age 50 to 64 had a fall injury that led to a visit to the ED.
  • An additional 288 seniors were admitted to the hospital because of a fall. 85 people age 50 to 64 were admitted.