Make a Meaningful Gift

Giving to the Sierra Nevada Memorial Foundation is easy. Donors can select from a number of different programs to support and different ways to give allowing you to focus on what is most important – making a difference with your charitable gift.

Our health is a personal issue, but it affects those around us. Our charitable giving is the same.

Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital Foundation was established to generate philanthropic support for our hospital. Through the years, the Foundation has connected residents passionate about healthcare with our hospital and the result has been gratifying. Even more important, the Foundation's success has positively affected everyone in our community.

Whether you make an unrestricted donation to the Foundation or select a specific project or service important to you (i.e., cancer, cardiac, etc), the direction of your gift is yours to decide. In the end, your donation touches the entire community.

For more information about giving opportunities, please call Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital Foundation at (530) 477-9700.