Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital


Since 1958, Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital has offered comprehensive health care and a full-range of medical services to western Nevada County. Our hospital's goal is to promote healing and wellness as well as to advocate for those in need. SNMH takes pride in providing compassionate, high-quality healthcare.


SNMH is the sole provider of hospital services to residents from all socioeconomic backgrounds that reside in rural western Nevada County. Nevada County has experienced tremendous growth in the past four decades. Since the Hospital first opened its doors in 1958, the county has grown from a remote, sparsely populated area of 20,900 to a more highly developed county of about 98,612 residents. About 75,000 residents are located within the SNMH service area.

In recent years, thousands of retirees have sold their homes in urban centers, such as the San Francisco Bay Area or Los Angeles, and moved to our county for its beautiful foothill surroundings. Currently, 20.2 percent of the population is over the age of 65, ranking Nevada County among the oldest populations per captia in California.