The Grateful Families Program

The Grateful Patient program provides an opportunity for patients, caregivers, families and friends to say, “Thank You,” to the physicians, nurses, therapists and other members of the SNMH healthcare team who have made a memorable contribution to their patients’ health and well-being.

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Grateful Families Stories

When she learned of her breast cancer, Deanna Jordanwood felt fear for about two minutes. “Then I got real clear in my mind what it would take to get rid of it,” she said. “That’s just part of who I am.”

Even so, this registered nurse found unexpected comfort in the process, in the form of Linda Aeschliman, the nurse navigator at the SNMH Women’s Imaging Center. “Every step of the way, I would look up and Linda would be there,” she said. “In the thick of it, she was standing next to me the whole time, always available. What that gave me was a peacefulness about what I was involved in. When someone takes the time to be with you, to listen, to show you kindness, it just validates that you’re still you.”

When it was discovered, Deanna’s cancer was at Stage 3. To survive, she needed chemotherapy, a bilateral mastectomy, and radiation. She believes her cancer might have been found much sooner if doctors had access to a whole breast ultrasound unit like the one being purchased through the Imaging for Life Campaign.

A mammogram in women with dense breast tissue, like Deanna, shows a snowstorm and a cancer looks just like another snowflake, she explained. “Keeping on track with annual mammograms is an absolute must for women,” she said. “For those of us with dense tissue, having the whole breast ultrasound is just critical.”

~ Deanna Jordanwood

When Phillip Copening mentioned that he was really missing his dog while he was hospitalized, Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital staff member Laura Seeman, RD, wrote the dog'd name, Alikat, on the Care Board under " What's Important to Me." The next day, Phillip's nurse Amy Acmoody, RN, told his wife that she could bring Alikat for a visit. The resulting reunion was just what the doctor ordered. There were huge smiles and lots of licks on the face before Alikat lay down for a nap.Since being released, Phillip shares that he has been pain free – and feels he is “a new man” because of his experience. "You must be told how much what you did for us means to me. Love is so important in our lives. I am now starting to tear-up again so I will make this short. There was so much LOVE given to us while at Sierra Nevada Memorial it was almost worth being sick. It has really brought back a lot of faith in my fellow beings. Thanks and LOVE to you and all the staff."

~ Phillip Copening, Grateful Patient

“On Monday, June 20, 2016, our daughter Madison Elizabeth was born at Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital in Grass Valley. I was induced that morning, one week past my due date. Madison was delivered 12 hours later by Dr. Richard Goddard. The doctor and nursing staff was very patient throughout the entire delivery. They knew exactly what to do and were totally prepared. The nurses were a great help in assisting in the postpartum care! They taught me how to feed and care for my new baby! One of the nurses even took the time to assist us with making sure we got our new baby in her car seat properly, while helping us carry our bags out to the car. Overall, we were very pleased and appreciative of the level of care that we received at the hospital!“

~ Dale Richards, Grateful Patient