SNMH Foundation's 2021 Mother's Day Delight Fundraiser


Afternoon Tea Includes: 
Teapot and Cups
Cloth napkins
Tea spoon
Tea bags
Sugar cubes
See’s Chocolates
Victoria Magazine and one year subscription
Mother’s Day cookie


Gourmet Includes:
Five quart colander
Red and white checked napkins
Barilla Pasta
Gia Russa marinara sauce
Olive oil
Grissini Bread Sticks
Divina Appetizer Toasts
Parmesan cheese
Mother’s Day cookie
Spaghetti fork
Yummy Italian recipe

Relaxation Includes:
Candle, bath salts, bath salt scrub jar
Hand lotion
Mother’s Day Cookie
Lip balm
Champagne glasses
Lavender hand sanitizer
Lavender/Honey body wash
Harp CD 
Nail polish/Manicure sets
Cupcake bath fizzy
Epielle moisturizing socks
Fiora aromatherapy shower steamer
Inspirational book